Dr. Bhatia has the unique distinction of being the only Elite Invisalign® Provider in Maui County. This distinction has been awarded to less than 1% of orthodontic practices nationwide and only to those doctors that have used Invisalign® and Invisalign® Teen to successfully complete treatment for over 1000 orthodontic patients.

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Get Selfie Ready and UNMASK …
Your New Smile with Bhatia Orthodontics


Recent advancements in Clear Aligner treatment can now offer the convenience of CONTACT-LESS treatment without sacrificing safety or perfect treatment outcomes in less time – Exclusively at Bhatia Orthodontics.

Imagine full orthodontic treatment in only 0-2 in-office visits with the safety and expertise of Dr. Bhatia managing and monitoring your clear aligner treatment.

Since now it’s even harder to come and see the Orthodontist …
Your Orthodontic Treatment comes to you …

Introducing OrthoFX Advanced Clear Aligners:

  • Doctor- managed CONTACT-LESS comprehensive Orthodontic Treatment
  • Convenience: Start, maintain and finish your treatment with 0-2 office visits.
  • Advanced: Monitoring technologies app included all from the comfort of your home with clear aligner expert Dr. Bhatia overseeing your treatment.
  • Also available: Whiten your teeth and try a single custom fit aligner for only $95.
  • Imagine the possibilities with the OrthoFX smile preview: Click HERE to get a free customized smile assessment.

How CONTACT-LESS treatment works with Bhatia Orthodontics:

Follow our Smile Journey to learn exactly what it will be like to go through clear aligner treatment with Dr. Bhatia and OrthoFX:

1/ Meet Dr. Bhatia for a complimentary Virtual Consultation – come to the office to get started or we can send a starter kit from to begin treatment. Not sure if you are ready to start..we can send you a $95 starter kit that also includes whitening.

2/ Dr. Bhatia’s team at OrthoFX will help with Insurance and Guaranteed Financing.

3/ Start your smile journey from HOME with advanced technology OrthoFX clear aligners shipped directly to you.

4/ Continue regular check-in appointments virtually and monitored thru the FXOnTrack app. If treatment gets off track, “Rescue aligners” will be ordered by Dr. Bhatia and mailed to your home. No additional fees or records needed.

5/ Success! Final smile achieved and Retainer Included PLUS a 3 Year Guarantee from the beginning of treatment.

No more conflicts in appointment scheduling affecting work schedules, teens missing school or sports practice for Orthodontic appointments. Our Contact-less option offers modern convenience without affecting quality treatment outcomes. Your number of in-office appointments is reduced significantly.

Click here to find out more about what sets us apart here at Bhatia Orthodontics

Frequently Asked Questions:

When will I achieve my new smile?

You’ll wear each aligner for one week. Dr. Bhatia will determine the number of aligners you’ll need to get the perfect new smile. All aligners can be shipped directly to your home.

How do I get started?

Easy, just call our office for a complimentary virtual consultation and we’ll do an initial evaluation and provide next steps. Dr. Bhatia has a concierge service team at OrthoFX that will help you verify your insurance benefits and detail affordable financing options.

How is OrthoFX different than the “at home DIY” treatment options?

Great Question! Most importantly, your treatment will be monitored and assessed by clear aligner expert Dr. Bhatia. Safety and clinical responsibility is of upmost importance to our practice. Orthodontic movement has many variables including overall dental health, monitoring your bite, teeth tracking properly, and final tooth position. It is important to have your treatment monitored and prescribed by a licensed local doctor. OrthoFX technology is unlike any other on the market both in their software and aligner material. It delivers predictable treatment care and final outcome. Best of all everything is included in one price for your orthodontic treatment.

Is Financing Available?

Dr. Bhatia and OrthoFX has a guaranteed and affordable financing program and it’s easy to apply. The concierge team dedicated to Dr. Bhatia will go over programs that would work best for you.

Will my insurance cover my treatment?

If your dental plan has orthodontic benefits you should qualify for coverage. To verify benefits call Dr. Bhatia’s team at OrthoFX at (415) 936-0006 and they will call your insurance company and provide details to you and to our office. They will also help process your paperwork to make the process as simple as possible.